Shorter John McCain:




“Well, he LOOKED like a rebel kidnapper! You damn kids get off my lawn!”

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Good on You, Jim Sensenbrenner!!

Yes, not something I expected to say either, but Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) deserves an “atta boy” for A) not only defending a Muslim-America; B) not only standing up to Michelle Bachmann (R-Arkham Asylum) but most importantly C) calling down a constituent for pushing bigotry and paranoia.  Lucky for Bachmann, though, bloated Tiffany’s-loving joke Newt Gingrich has got her back.  Ooooh, and I bet John McCain (who also called out Bachmann) is really shaking in his boots to hear that perennial asshole Louie Gohmert is pissed at him!

Now THAT’S the John McCain I Used to Admire!

Good to see him back to his old mavericky self.  Hope he sticks with it this time.

In a related story, Krugman has a typically brilliant piece on the politically correct cult of centrism that dominates the media.  A combination of moral relativism and journalistic laziness is destroying the environment for honest, sane political debate.

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Conservative Hypocrisy Watch

HuffPo counts down the 7 top Republican policy flip-flops.  There were for it before they were against it, you see.

And in a related story, are Republicans really Christian or are they pagans?

UPDATE: John Boehner is a hypocritical tool.  You may feel free to be shocked and/or appalled.

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Put Up or Shut Up

Okay, let’s be specific.  My prediction is probably on the safe side (just my well-known conservative tendencies) but I’ll say Obama takes all of Kerry’s states plus Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, and Virginia for a total of 338 electoral votes.  I’ll put his popular margin at 53%.  The link below will take you to the site where I got my polling data.

Click for

UPDATE:  Just noticed a typo.  It should read “popular margin at +3%” not “53%” which would be a +6% margin.  That would be nice, but given how big Obama is likely to lose the deep red states, that seems unlikely.

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Column for 2 November, 2008

Twenty Questions for the Next President of the United States


“If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith.  If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.”

                                                                                                            –Romans 12:6-8


Some questions for the next President of the United States:  1) the manufacturing sector of the US Economy has been declining rapidly since the 1950’s and is now on the verge of collapse.  Do you believe the US can continue to be an economic superpower if we don’t make anything anymore? 2) “Free” trade agreements put America in unfair competition with countries that subsidize their businesses, ignore environmental and workplace safety laws, and pay slave wages.  What will you do to make sure other countries play by the rules?  3) Organizations like the World Trade Organization are gaining increasing control (more…)

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Good On Them!

McCain supporters (including Muslims and one self-described conservative Christian) hoot down and chase off two loonies spreading insane bigoted anti-Muslim conspiracy theories about Obama.  McCain should be proud to have followers like this.  From American News Project.

UPDATE:  Yeah, apparently not.  Sigh.

Keeping it Classy

I take John McCain at his word that he condemns the stupid things random idiots say at his rallies, though it was rather lame of him to conflate complaining about that to an attack on veterans, military mothers and so forth as he did during the last debate.  On the other hand, when the Virginia GOP puts out a flyer with a picture of a scary brown manwho might or might not be Obama and label it “evil,” and California Republican women put out another that definately pictures Obama along with watermelon, fried chicken and food stamps, you have to wonder what kind of idiots the Republicans think we are.

UPDATE:  Fear not!  Texas Republicans won’t be out-yayhooed by anyone!

Debate Slackin’

Didn’t liveblog this one.  Sorry.  Think Progress did a good job, so I’ll just rip them off.  And what is the deal with McCain sticking out his tongue?

UPDATE:  The Great & Powerful Kos is reporting that Obama won the CBS debate instapoll.  I see that CNN is reporting the same thing, also that Obama’s favorables went up, while McCain’s went down.

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Speakin’ of Palin’ Around with Terrorists…

…McCain’s transition chief (akin to being the Cubs’ World Series coordinator) was a lobbyist for…Saddam Hussein.  Now, excuse me while I hold my breath waiting for the outrage and righteous condemnation from the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus…

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