Pantaloons In Combustion

So, why do Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney lie?  Because they get away with it, they pay no price.  For the most part, the media either ignores their lies or credulously repeats them without challenge.  It’s become so commonplace for the supine Mainstream Media to tolerate Republican lies, it’s an amazing story when someone in the media actually calls them out.  Since lies aren’t even called lies in the main body of stories about the lies, the MSM creates entirely separate fact-checking operations to research the lies…which the Romney campaign then promptly ignores.  Republicans have been allowed to create an alternate reality, utterly un-moored to the real world, and they never pay a price for it.

Save Us, Willard!

The Romney Campaign plows boldly ahead with its courageous plan to save America from excessive numbers of police, firefighters and (of course) the dreaded public school teachers.  In Willard’s Amercia, all those bloated socialistic public sector jobs would be replaced thanks to the glorious invisible hand of the sacred free market.  Because we all know how well private-sector firefighting works

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