In Defense of Unions

As a follow-up to a previous post, an excellent piece from The Atlantic on why unions not only still matter but are needed now more than ever.  Meanwhile, Mitch Daniels, architect of the Bush Recession and now Governor of Indiana, recently took to FOX “News” to opine that public sector unions should be done away with, the Constitutional right to freedom of association notwithstanding.  The government should evidently be small, but not so small that it can’t bust unions, tell you who you can marry, and decide whether or not you have a baby.

UPDATE:  A breakdown of where all those lazy public sector workers actually work.  Unsurprisingly, the vast majority are public school teachers.  To be sure, not all public employees are members of union, but it’s easy to see Willard’s sneer about more firemen, police officers and teachers as another not-so-subtle attack on public sector unions.

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