The Emperors Have No Clothes

Paul Krugman on the Republicans’ revolving door cult of personality. Generally good but he misses an obvious point: one the main reasons these empty suits are able to pretend to competence is the lazy, fawning and inept Mainstream Media, who provide them with nothing but a platform to mouth unchallenged talking points.

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But–but–they’re MAGIC Beans!!!

With news leaking out that the GOP/Tea Party has promised Obama a bag of magic beans in exchange for $3 trillion in spending cuts with no new revenue whatsoever, it becomes even harder to imagine a more inept politician in my lifetime than the President.  Is there literally no principle he will not surrender without a fight?  Is he really that incapable of understanding that Republicans are not the least bit interested in negotiating with him?  We know he’s a smart guy, but is even Obama that cosmically naive?

If reports are accurate, he is signing onto a deal that will wreck the shaky economic recovery, maybe even plunge us into a double-dip recession, and even further alienate his own party….and for what?  Is Obama really that desperate for the approval of the Inside the Beltway Punditocracy?  I have defended Obama for months now, mostly against liberals, and I freely admit that I am well and truly baffled.

UPDATE:  Those beans are looking mighty tasty, yes sir.  Amazingly, the only hope for the nation may be Tea Party lunatics in the House combining with the House Democratic Caucus to defeat this monstrosity of a bill.

UPDATE 2:  What a craven, pathetic, cowardly defeat abject surrender by Obama.  Utterly and completely beneath contempt.  I am thoroughly disgusted.

UPDATE 3:  A good one from Robert Reich on the Great Surrender.  And some more from the Great and Powerful Kos on why we are boned.

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Now THAT’S the John McCain I Used to Admire!

Good to see him back to his old mavericky self.  Hope he sticks with it this time.

In a related story, Krugman has a typically brilliant piece on the politically correct cult of centrism that dominates the media.  A combination of moral relativism and journalistic laziness is destroying the environment for honest, sane political debate.

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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Nobel Prize-winner Paul Krugman is extremely pessimistic about the damage a GOP Congress will do to America.

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Won’t Someone PLEASE Think of the Bankers?!?!?!

The Republic Party bravely rushes to the defense of poor, put-upon bankers, menaced by evil government bureaucrats and brown people who want loans.

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