This Is Disturbing…

A very troubling Salon article on Neo-Nazis and white supremacists infiltrating the military, aided by lax oversight and apparently ignored regulations.  Though the actual numbers seem rather small, it’s bothersome that the military doesn’t even, according to the article, track racists separately from, say, gang members.  Moreover, how many highly trained violent racists with access to military hardware can we really afford?

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Ten Little Teabaggers

While I don’t necessarily agree with all the conclusions of my Right Honourable Colleague Rob Schmidt, I do agree that the use of “redface” costumes during anti-Obama rallies (disguised as tax protests) was repellent.  It is even worse that some parents allowed their kids to play “dress up Indian” and display signs with faux-pidgin “Injun talk” on them.

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Shorter Supreme Court:

The Voting Rights Act does not require the creation of districts where white Democrats can win.”

Yes, I know that’s a little cynical, sort of like the DOJ’s decision under Bush I that the VRA required absolute proportionality, thereby packing minorities into overwhelmingly majority-minority districts and costing white Democrats enough seats to ultimate pave the way for 1994.  Or the Supreme Court’s decision that, shock of shocks, following this dictate resulted in the creation of districts that looked funny, and that evidently offends the Constitution.


As the Republican Party dwindles into obscurity as a regional party of the Deep South, they are finding it harder and harder to avoid ugly blatant displays of racism.  It is starting to look like the ignominious beginning of the end for the party of Abraham Lincoln.

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How Close Are We?

One of the thing I found most disturbing about the vicious Yugoslav Civil War was how quickly a modern, Western, industrial society disintegrated into bloodthirsty anarchy, with people who had been neighbors for decades literally at each others’ throats overnight.  This chilling dispatch from Katrina-era New Orleans (and here a video on the same subject) makes me wonder just how close we in America are to the same sort of chaos.

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Sad, But Not Surprising

Ron Rides At The Door (Blackfeet) ,a Glacier County Montana Commissioner, is attacked and beaten up in his own home by three white men who shout racial epithets at him and his wife.  The County Attorney refuses to classify this as a hate crime, and initially only charges them with misdemeanors, though after an outcry the charges are upgraded to felonies.  My own feelings about hate crime laws notwithstanding (I’m against them), is there any doubt that if this same incident involved an African-American, Hispanic, Asian or Jewish elected official, not only would it be considered a hate crime, it would make the national news?

Standing Up for History

David Cornsilk provides an excellent concise overview of Cherokee history as it relates to the Freedmen and debunks several of the most common lies and slanders against them being put out by the anti-Freedmen forces.  Well worth the read.

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Stupid White Man of the Week: George Will

Shorter George WillColin Powell endorsed Obama because he’s black.  The only reason white people vote for Obama is because they hate Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

And thus, in one prissy bow-tied pundit, we encapsulate all of white America’s inability to talk about race without sounding like a gang of twelve-year-old boys talking about S-E-X.  Hurh hurh!

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More Lame Excuses for McCain’s Inevitable Loss

White voters oppressed and intimidated by the evil racist Obama campaigninto displaying Obama signs and bumper stickers and answering polls in favor of Obama will nevertheless bravely vote against him because he is a communist.  And it has NOTHING to do with race.  Because Obama is the REAL racist.  And if McCain loses anyway, it’s all because of the Obama racist communists.  For realz!  Oh, and it’s purely coincidental that this story appears on FOX.  Really!

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Keeping it Classy

I take John McCain at his word that he condemns the stupid things random idiots say at his rallies, though it was rather lame of him to conflate complaining about that to an attack on veterans, military mothers and so forth as he did during the last debate.  On the other hand, when the Virginia GOP puts out a flyer with a picture of a scary brown manwho might or might not be Obama and label it “evil,” and California Republican women put out another that definately pictures Obama along with watermelon, fried chicken and food stamps, you have to wonder what kind of idiots the Republicans think we are.

UPDATE:  Fear not!  Texas Republicans won’t be out-yayhooed by anyone!