Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Nate Silver, the man who introduced math to political polling, is giving the Republicans a slight edge to control the Senate in 2015. I can see one of two results if that happens: one, we get two more years like the last four of gridlock and political impotence; two, the Loony Wing is ascendant and we see impeachment hearings. In either event, I suspect the party will be short-lived and will end with Hillary Clinton pounding Ted Cruz or Rand Paul in 2016.

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Great Moments in Democracy

Nothing like watching United States Senators from both parties fall all over themselves to lick the boots of bankster Jamie Dimon, with the slight exception of Merkley and Martinez. Why, just imagine if this was Iceland, where they actually prosecute bank frauds who trash the economy AND the politicians they bought and paid for? Imagine!

UPDATE:  From the Great & Powerful Kos, a handy chart showing show of the best moments in brown-nosing organized by how much money Jamie Dimon, Superstar, bestowed upon each Senator telling him how much his ass smelled like a rose.

Welcome to the Tea Party

Ken Buck makes Christine O’Donnell look like a Constitutional scholar.  Oh, and if you try to speak to Rand Paul, you get your head stomped on.

Y’all realize this whole thing is a joke, right? And you’re the punchline?

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Rand Paul: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Evidently if the President of the United States criticizes a foreign corporation for beign being criminally negligent, killing eleven people, and dumping millions of barrels of oil into our water and onto our beaches, that’s “un-American.”

UPDATE:  Rand Paul is a titty baby.

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I Got Your Family Values Right Here, Pal

Rand Paul: either a complete and utter moron or the most naive white man in America today

Vito Fossella:  believes in Family Values so much he has two families.  And the Republican nomination for the Congressional seat he was driven out of in disgrace

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