Yet More Tales from the Oligarchy

Income inequality is not a natural phenomenon. It didn’t hit America like a hurricane or an earthquake. It is rather the direct and deliberate result of policies implemented by the government at the behest of its owners, the oligarchs. For example, average income taxpayers now subsidize the exorbitant salaries of billionaire CEOs, even at supposedly “liberal” companies like Starbucks. There’s a solution, of course; we have to stop rewarding economic serfdom.  A bill recently introduced in the California Legislature would peg CEO taxes to the ratio between their salaries and the salaries of their company’s typical worker. It’s a good start and needs to be considered by Congress; of course, we have to pry Congress from the fingers of the oligarchs first.

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Drifting Away

Does anyone, including President Obama, have any idea what he wants to accomplish in his second term?

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Who Could’ve Imagined…


…that giving billions of taxpayer dollars to incompetent blood-sucking financial institutions with absolutely no strings attached and no oversight could possibly have negative consequences?

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Bailouts for Thee But Not for Me

The Wall Street Welfare Bill is an even bigger scew-job on the taxpayers than originally imagined, and it just keeps getting worse.  And while there are some very convincing reasons to bail out the Big Three Automakers, they are quite often their own worst enemies.  Meanwhile, Robert Reich has some very good ideas as to why we ought to completely rethink the whole bail-out process before we spend another dime.

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