Yet another scum bag CEO has taken up Mitt Romney’s call and is threatening his employees to vote for The Mitt…or else.  Mike White, owner of the industrial equipment firm Rite-Hite, and unsurprisingly, a Scott Walker sugar daddy, is a certified asshole.

Do Unions Matter?

Unions, particularly public sector unions, went to the mat in the Wisconsin recall election, pushing ahead of s reluctant White House and DNC who wanted to wait until 2014 to tackle the odious Scott Walker.  Not only that, but people who live in union households but are not union members themselves were at best tepid in support of throwing the bum out.  There were, of course, other reasons for the loss, including Democratic incompetence and the fact that Walker outspent Barrett by 10-1, but it still raises a valid point: do unions really matter in elections anymore?  Are fighting retreats the only thing left to them?  Or is there life left in the movement yet, only requiring better organization and a better working relationship with national Democrats?  Personally, I see the decline in union membership, and the resultant loss of political power as part and parcel of the ongoing slow destruction of the American economy.  As long as both political parties remain committed to the cult of “Free” Trade, and as long as both political parties are content to see America lose its manufacturing base entirely, workers (union and otherwise) will continue to get screwed.

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Column for 6 March, 2011



“’So I will come near to you for judgment.  I will be quick to testify against sorcerers, adulterers and perjurers, against those who defraud laborers of their wages, who oppress the widows and the fatherless, and deprive aliens of justice, but do not fear me,’ says the Lord Almighty,”

–Malachi 3:5


Governor Scott Walker is a miracle worker.  He has accomplished the impossible—singlehandedly reviving the American labor movement with his extremism, pettiness and obstreperousness.  This one man, who manages to make even Rick Perry look like a paragon of sober, mature leadership, has brought protestors literally out in the snow in their thousands to oppose him.  And the rebellion is spreading—to Ohio and Indiana at the very least.  The economic royalists and their pet monkeys in the Republic Party were caught off guard; they had assumed the Class War was long over, and their class had won.  Who would’ve imagined the peasants might resist?  FOX “News” was dispatched to blast propaganda—including faked coverage and deliberately inverted poll results—to the great unwashed masses.  Unionists?  Public employees?  Why, everyone knows they are despised by all Real Americans!  And yet…huge majorities (well over 2/3rds) of the American people support the right of public employees to bargain collectively.  Governor Walker remains hopelessly obtuse—locking the state capitol building in Madison in defiance of a court injunction, shamelessly lying about the budget deficit he himself exploded with tax cuts for the wealthy, ranting about “outside agitators” like some low-rent Orville Faubus, and being punked by (of all things) a lowly blogger impersonating one of the multi-billionaire Koch Brothers who serve the real function on the Hard Right that the fevered imagination of Glenn Beck imagines George Soros serves on the moribund Left.  The Mainstream Media, after initially attempting to ignore this un-serious threat to the status quo, have now actually started to pay attention. How can this be?  Is it possible, just barely possible, that the sheer depravity of the billionaires’ party in the very (more…)

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