A Whole Lotta Nothing

Harry Reid cements his reputation as the most useless majority leader in Senate history.

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Why Does Chief Justice Roberts Hate America?

Notorious radical Left-Wing socialist John Roberts demands patriotic God-fearing Republicans stop obstructing the Kenyan Muslim Nazi traitor’s judicial nominees, who will force all white people to get gay-married to illegal aliens under Sharia law.

Of course, Roberts falls for the old “everyone does it” meme, but still.

Senate Arcanum

An interesting overview of the convoluted, Byzantine rules by which the Greatest Deliberative Body in the World operates and how they might apply to the healthcare reform debate.  It’s a bitter irony that Democrats loved these rules when they were in the minority and Republicans bitterly denounced them as “undemocratic” and “unconstitutional.”  What a difference two elections make.

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A Specter Is Haunting Pennsylvania

Early warning signs that Arlen Specter may not be as Democratic as Democrats might prefer.  And Specter’s conversion may, thanks to arcane Senate rules, spell trouble for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

And Then There Were Fifty-Nine…

Arlen Specter crosses the aisle.  Welcome aboard, Senator!

Is it political self-preservation?  Sure it is and my opinion of party-switchers hasn’t changed; if you are going to do it, you should immediately resign and run in a special election.  For God’s sake, don’t have less integrity than Phil Gramm!  And this move will only encourage more judicial intransigence by Norm Coleman.  Still, it’s nicer to be on the giving end than the receiving end of this sort of news for a change.

Vote Noriega: It’s Important

From HuffPo an excellent and sobering point–without 60 votes in the Senate, President Obama will likely be stymied from making any “fundamental changes” as the filibuster, villified by the GOP when Democrats used it, will be magically transformed into a sacred tool of protection against the “tyranny of the majority.”  As obnoxious as Republicans are when they win, a sullen defeated GOP will be even worse than they were during the Clinton Administration.  Go over to Rick Noriega’s place and give him some cash.