Somewhere, In A Saner Alternate Universe…

  • The Coventional Wisdom is that President-Elect Hillary Clinton has no mandate, despite winning 373 electoral votes, carrying the popular vote by nearly 10 percentage points, and winning back the Senate
  • Congressman Trey Gowdy says “no end in sight” to his Benghazi investigation; Jason Chaffetz pledges the same
  • Senate Republicans vow to block all of Hillary Clinton’s nominees until “the truth comes out”
  • Republicans are demanding an immediate investigation into “massive vote fraud,” despite Hillary Clinton having won by 9 million votes
  • The MSM is OUTRAGED that Clinton plans to appoint her supporters to government office
  • Congressional Republicans are blasting Hillary Clinton as “weak on Russian aggression”
  • Talking Heads are raking Clinton over the coals for not “moving to the center” to “bring the country together”
  • The Conventional Wisdom is that both sides ran a nasty campaign 
  • It is an article of faith among Republicans that Black Lives Matter stole the election for Hillary
  • It is an article of faith among Republicans that Donald Trump never existed
  • No Republican officeholder in America will admit to having endorsed Trump
  • Trump still hasn’t appeared in public since election night, remaining secluded in Trump Tower and tweeting his plans to contest the election results
  • Rudy Giuliani is claiming that Donald Trump is the “moral leader” of America
  • The Conventional Wisdom is that incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will have to “govern from the center” since he only has 55 votes
  • The Conventional Wisdom is that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will be the real powerbroker in Washington, despite seeing his majority shrunk to 5 seats and barely surviving a challenge to his leadership in the House GOP Caucus
  • David Brooks is writing another column about how this election confirms his position that America remains a “center Right nation”
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