The Future Is Past

Okay, so about a week out I’ll go ahead and make my long-awaited prediction:  Obama will carry every state he carried in 2008, less Indiana and possibly North Carolina and/or Florida.  Might also be a surprise and take Arizona.  I’ll also predict the Democrats will hold the Senate, and might even add 1 or 2, with the Republicans keeping the House, though I think their margin will be cut considerably.

Having said that, my prediction means (at least) another two years of complete gridlock.  If Obama really believes that his re-election will break the “fever blister” of Republican hysteria and obstinacy, he’s even more naive and narcissistic than I thought.  There are no moderate Republicans; there aren’t even really any sane Republicans left in Congress.  Even if there were, the Tea Party has sufficiently proven its ability to punish those who displease them that they will not take the risk of being seen to “cooperate” with the Muslim Nazi Kenya Usurper in the White House.  A GOP House will continue to refuse even a vote for any of Obama’s second term proposals; GOP Senators will continue to insist that 60 votes are required to conduct any business.  Assuming Romney loses, the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus will rail that he wasn’t conservative enough and insist on running a complete lunatic in 2016 (potentially good news for Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton).  I wish I was wrong on this, but I don’t think I am.

Bottom Line…

…repeat of the last debate in terms of style/presentation, meaning advantage Obama. Kind of confused by Mitt’s bold strategy of fighting to agree with Obama every chance he got. Took Obama two good debates to wash off the stench from his first performance. Substance? Please. America has had the same China policy (economic capitulation) for the last 30 years. And everyone agrees that blowing up villagers with drones is a swell way to win friends and influence people. Global warming? Hah. Evidently teachers unions, bayonets and horses are more relevant to foreign policy.

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That’s Debatable

Liberal crowing that the President “kicked ass” tonight are almost as pathetic as their claims his abysmal performance in Denver was part of some secret plan to lull Mitt Romney into a false sense of security. Romney looked about the same tonight; Obama only looked good by comparison with his previous phoned-in performance. That being said, given the volatile nature of the polling (something that frankly surprised me after the first debate), tonight’s showing should add to the slight uptick out of the tank Obama has been very recently enjoying.

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Pantaloons In Combustion

So, why do Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney lie?  Because they get away with it, they pay no price.  For the most part, the media either ignores their lies or credulously repeats them without challenge.  It’s become so commonplace for the supine Mainstream Media to tolerate Republican lies, it’s an amazing story when someone in the media actually calls them out.  Since lies aren’t even called lies in the main body of stories about the lies, the MSM creates entirely separate fact-checking operations to research the lies…which the Romney campaign then promptly ignores.  Republicans have been allowed to create an alternate reality, utterly un-moored to the real world, and they never pay a price for it.

Romney Spokesperson Tells Truth…

Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus signals “death knell of campaign.”  No, seriously; that’s it.  No snark needed.

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A Michigan Yankee in King Arthur’s Court or Incompetence Abroad

Wow, just…wow. And to think people thought Herman Cain was performance art. What’s next? Describing Buckingham Palace as “a little downmarket?” He gets to Jerusalem and asks where he can get a good bacon cheeseburger? The mind reels.

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Save Us, Willard!

The Romney Campaign plows boldly ahead with its courageous plan to save America from excessive numbers of police, firefighters and (of course) the dreaded public school teachers.  In Willard’s Amercia, all those bloated socialistic public sector jobs would be replaced thanks to the glorious invisible hand of the sacred free market.  Because we all know how well private-sector firefighting works

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I For One Welcome Our New Randian Overlords

Rolling Stone is kind enough to introduce us to the economic aristocracy that will decide for us lowly worms who rules America.  Call me crazy, but the idea of licking the boots of these bloated princelings and cravenly groveling for jobs and economic investment strikes me as uniquely un-American.  But then again, conservatives always were better at kissing ass.  I’m anxiously awaiting the next Supreme Court ruling wherein they strike down all campaign contribution disclosure requirements as a blow against anonymous “Freedom of Speech” by billionaires and corporations who might otherwise be mocked by the peasants.

UPDATE:  The main problem with our Benevolent Job Creator Overlords is that they aren’t much interested in, well, creating jobs.  At least in America.

How Stupid is Rick Perry?

Yes, I realize this could be an endless thread, but in this particular instance, the answer is, “Rick Perry is so stupid he caused an international incident with a country that has been our ally for 60 years (Turkey) with a moronic comment during a debate.”

It’s becoming increasingly harder to quantify just how cosmically stupid Rick Perry truly is.  We can no longer just compare him, unfavorably, to George W. Bush.  In fact, Perry makes George W. Bush look like Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson and Sam Houston all rolled up into one.  Nor would I compare him to an animal (a jackass, say, or a pissant) as that would be an insult to animals, though clearly this is neither the first nor the last time the words “Rick Perry” and “Turkey” have appeared in the same sentence.  I think, instead, we are forced to compare his wits to those of inanimate objects.  We would say, for instance, that Rick Perry is dumb as a bag of hammers.

UPDATE:  Rick Perry is so stupid, he can’t get on the ballot in Virginia, even with an utterly frivolous lawsuit.  I assume this was all a conspiracy by liberal activist judges.

UPDATE 2:  Rick Perry now too dumb to know “fetch” from “sic ’em”.

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Attention, Rick Perry…

…you know what to do.

And a special shout-out to the voters of Texas for electing this prissy, arrogant moron as governor not once, not twice, but three times.  Way to go!


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